The Prince Who Loved Me - Karen Hawkins
This Scottish rendition of the Cinderella fairy tell is witty, sweet, and clumsily romantic. Karen Hawkins excels at twisting fairytales! This was such an enjoyable read!

Bronwyn is a bookish, on the shelf, girl who even goes so far as to say “I’d rather own a subscription library than be a princess.” Who can argue with that?! The way she attempts to falsely woo Alexsey is hilarious.

Prince Alexsey Vitaly Grigori Romanovin, is a mischievous devil! They both enjoy books and dogs. When he reads to her out of her romantic novel…swoon worthy! The meddlesome grandmother returns to us from her previous series, The Duchess Diaries, and here she seems quite mean, but I believe it turns out sweet in the end.

I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.