The Trouble With Honor - Julia London
Featured Review on Nelle's Nightstand

The trouble began with a card game. Honor Cabot dared to beat George Easton at a game in which he excelled.
It’s fascinating to see the tables turned in this Regency era novel. Julia London has outdone herself yet again!
I first thought I wasn’t going to like either the Heroine or the Hero of this tale. They developed over time into people in which I was emotionally invested. Honor is stubborn, feisty and fiercely loyal to her family. She’s not afraid to fight for what she wants.
George, how to describe George! I fell in love with him! He starts of very much a rake but once he falls, he will do anything to protect and prevent Honor from making what he feels is a mistake. He’s very insecure at points in the story, very lonely, which makes him all the more appealing but he’s still a strong male character.
The chemistry between them jumps right of the page and leads to several steamy encounters. There is also such heartbreak, but to see the perseverance in Honor is so admirable. I love a Heroine with a spine of steel and she definitely needs it to fight for her stubborn male!