Scandal on the Sand: Barefoot Bay Billionaires #3 - Roxanne St. Claire
Amazing!! "Naughty Nate", a billionaire trust fund playboy was so endearing and sweet as he as he tried to reform. Liza is a straightforward kind of woman. She cuts through the crap and that is the PERFECT woman for Nate! Throw in the little boy that looks just like Nate and who Liza is fighting for and it brings the story to great heights! There is a little mystery in there concerning how Nate fathered a son with Liza's roommate, whom he does not remember. I especially loved "The General" Nate's crusty former marine grandfather who made his billions in glass. I feel this was the best of the Billionaire of Barefoot Bay Novella Trilogy, but you really need to try them all, so you can decide for yourself.