Three Little Words - Susan Mallery
So Isobel fell in love with Ford at 14. One PROBLEM! He's her sister's fiancee! When tragedy happens and Ford leaves Fool's Gold, Isobel writes him while he's away in the military. She writes him until she meets "the one" and then stops, never knowing if Ford has ever even received her letters.
14 years pass by and Ford returns to Fool's Gold. His mother is holding applications to find him and his brother a wife. Isobel is not in competition as she is leaving at the end of the summer to go to NYC to start her fashion career.
It's a slow build up with love between these two! They pretend to date to keep Ford's mother at bay, become friends and then fall in love. They have their stumbling blocks though.
I swear, I could move to Fool's Gold! Small town life seems so sweet and friendly!