When You Are Mine - Kennedy Ryan
Reviewed on Nelle's Nightstand:

Below is my honest, emotional reaction from right after I finished this book last night. I don't like to read books without HEA at the ending of it. If I had known this book had a cliffhanger I wouldn't have requested it from Netgalley. I'm so thankful I did though. This is Kennedy Ryan's debut novel. She runs us though an emotional gamut. What happens when you fall in love with your best friends' girlfriend? With your boyfriends' best friend? This is a heart breaking, HONEST portrayal of when that happens. I'm am seriously excited for the next book. I want to say that you can tell an author is a suburb writer when you are so caught up in the book that you cry in front of the cable guy... (yes I got up and walked into the other room but still :) )

Blown away!!! I hate cliffies Honestly if I had read the reviews before reading this book , I probably wouldn't have picked it up. I would have missed such a thrilling ride!!! My heart aches. You know the writing is suburb when you can laugh and cry and get so angry at the characters. The characters are all flawed and so believable. Their choices stink!!! I didn't know if I was going to 5 star it or 1 star it. I'm still fluctuating on that. My hands were shaking when I started writing this. I screamed at the ending.. Going to end with BLOWN AWAY!!!! I received an ARC for an honest review from NetGalley