A Wicked Pursuit - Isabella Bradford
Looks to be a great start to the Breconridge Brother's novels! A near fatal accident, long recovery, realizing he almost married the wrong sister is what is in store for Harry Fitzroy, heir to a dukedom. His flighty, foolish, almost fiancee, Julia scares his horse and causes him to be thrown, knocked unconscious, to break a leg and then she flees to London to "party it up" and leave the responsibility of caring for him to her younger sister, Lady Augsuta or "Gus". I loved Gus!! She wasn't a pushy heroine but a strong silent dependable, trustworthy lady. She's the wallflower to Julia's "Diamond" and Harry falls for her hard! Harry is annoying, but during his long recovery he turns endearing. How Ms. Bradford makes that work is magical! I'd recommend this story to someone who loves unusual historicals!